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Team Building



When you want to strengthen communication between your staff and clients or within  your  own team, team building is often a non stressful way to start.  The skills involved in tasting are not ones frequently used in our daily lives, and often people with  little confidence in their knowledge of wine discover that they have unsuspected abilities.

For example, Participants are arranged in teams and are given the task of tasting usually no more than six wines in a limited period of time.  I will give some brief instructions on how to taste and then leave the team to work it out together. Prizes can be awarded according to your wishes.
Specialised quizzes can be set, for example:

  1. - Grape variety quiz: Could anyone you the grape variety?

  2. - Price Quiz: This wine is lovely, but is it worth its price?

  3. - Old world VS New World: Much have been said about terroir, but in a blind tasting, Could you tell the difference?

  4. - European quiz: We all know Barolo, Bordeaux, Rioja... do we really?

For price, please send us an email and we will contact you as possible.